Fishing Tip of the Week – 02/26/20

by Mike Gerry
Winter line watching
There is no better time to develop line watching skills than in the winter.

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Fishing tip of the week – 02/19/20

by Mike Gerry

March Fishing

Every year as we roll into and through the month of March, I realize how many anglers are struggling with the mental part of March fishing.

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Fishing Tip of the Week – 02/12/20

The effect of pausing bait
With the rattle bait, for many of us, the bait of choice in February fishing, especially on Guntersville, one part of the presentation that can’t be emphasized enough is pausing your bait.

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Fishing tip of the week – 02/05/20

by Mike Gerry Winter bottom fishing As the winter progresses, and the water continues to stay cold, it’s a commonly known fact that bass usually feed on the bottom and not the top of the water column, making it imperative that you spend some time, during your fishing day, working the bottom of the area you are fishing.

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Fishing Tip of the Week – 01/29/20

Cold water strike zones by Mike Gerry In the winter as the water temperature changes, so does the length of the strike zone. A quick way to remember this is the colder the water temperature the shorter the strike zone.

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