Fishing tip of the week

The Tough Summer Bite
As we move thru July and into the heat of the month of August one thing that remains constant is that you must present your bait, so the bass reacts to it.

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Simply Yaya: Dylan’s Favorite Balsamic Brown Sugar Pork Roast

Food is my love language….
I’m sure several of you have taken the Love Language quiz. Our love language is the way we give and receive love.

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Love shouldn’t hurt – ever

Signs you’re dating a narcissist
Dating a narcissist can be difficult, confusing, and in some cases, manipulative and abusive.

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Thoughts from The Bible

I Just Want To Be A Christian!
Did you ever say that to yourself? Are you tired of the confusion, and all the choice making?

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Simply Yaya: Chocolate Cobbler

It’s so easy and good…Of cookbooks and cobbler
I collect cookbooks. I would be ashamed if you all saw the vast collection I had. I have an entire kitchen cabinet three shelves deep full of cookbooks. I complain about the clutter all the time; however, I’m not willing to part with my cookbooks to put some of that clutter away.

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