Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Lipless Crank Bait Time

As winter winds its way into the early spring/late winter time frame, on Guntersville, there is nothing like the lipless crank bait bite!

If you like to get bait knocked out of your hand and have your line stretched there is no better bite than working a lipless crank bait on Lake Guntersville. It can be, by far, the best time of the year and a time where anyone who can crank and reel can have some fun.

The great part about this time of year, on Guntersville, is that the milfoil and hydrilla are generally nothing but stubs on the bottom and working rattle bait over the short grass is easy. You don’t get hung in most cases as you do later in the year in thick grass. The key to catching fish on lipless crank baits is creating a reaction bite and there are many ways to make that happen.  If the grass is still a little thick then stroking your bait as it gets hung is a good way to get that reaction bite. I personally like yo-yoing the bait. Using that up and down presentation is just deadly, it catches fish and you will hang some big ones also.

Some important things to remember about lipless crank baits is they come in all sizes and colors, but on Guntersville there are a few colors that I really like, anything with red in it always works; I like gold and purples and blues also! Another thing is that there are many companies now that make some sort of rattle bait; I believe not all of them are created equal. Some folks believe that it is just flat bait with rattles in it; to me size, rattling and dropping speed in an upright position is big. No one builds a rattle bait like Spro they call them the Aruka Shad and their 75 size is just over a ½ oz. it is beautifully painted, makes a great sound, drops with a rattling upright position and catches fish.

Lipless crank baits are fun, they catch fish and anyone regardless of skill level can catch them on rattle baits!

Captain Mike

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