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Bluegill bed fishing is near
One of the most active times of the year for me bass fishing over the past 10 years is when the bluegill start their bedding process; and that, my friends, is near. There is just something special about bass fishing when the bluegill moves to their bedding locations, and the bass move in on top of them and start feeding. I believe I have caught more numbers of fish during this time than any other over the last few years; the bass just become really active, and they seem to feed more than any other time of year. It is a post-spawn bite. It is a time when
about anything you can work through or over these blue gill beds will catch fish. It is almost easy, and it is fun!

If you go back to last year’s Elite Tournament on Guntersville and re-watch it, the key for them was fishing bluegill beds. They caught gobs of fish, and the winner was all over the bluegill beds. It was also true that the competitors fished many different baits in these beds; some flipped with heavy creature baits, some worked small worms, many fished over the top with topwater baits, many fished swimbaits through the beds. Whatever technique they chose, it worked, and it was my experience that was much of the same.

I believe it is a wonderful time of year to get your children interested in bass fishing as the number of bites and the quality of fish will keep them interested and excited more than any other time of year. Bass fishing is never easy, but this period of time in the bass fishing cycle comes the closest to “easy” as it gets. All you really need is a wacky rigged sinko, and you should be able to watch a young child go to town catching bass. It is a time I love to get my grandchildren on the water.

This period of time in bass fishing in the South generally occurs May through June, so do not delay. We are near the excitement of bass fishing being at a peak for the year, and you will be able to have the time of your life.
Captain Mike

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