30 minutes with Mayor McCamy

Mayor McCamy stated the Publix site is moving along well, and a September opening is still on schedule for Scottsboro. There will also be a TJ Maxx, Pet Depot, hair and nail salon, Tidal Wave Car Wash and Cadence Bank. There are still two or three outparcels that have not been secured as of yet. The other side of the development is also currently under contract with two to three possibly committed. The Mayor stated we can expect to see other sites popping up around town soon, with What-A-Burger proceeding as planned and finalizing their site where the former Number One China Buffet now sits. The next step will be placing a fence around the site to prep for demolition.

Bob Jones resurfacing was completed, and striping was done. The projects needed to be completed by the Scottsboro Water, Sewer and Gas Board and the Street Department before resurfacing County Park Road and Roseberry are also finished. This will allow all projects from each agency to get done, before resurfacing in each area, cutting down on project time and funding in the future.
During the week of April 11, resurfacing should begin on County Park Road. The Mayor requested patience from residents of Scottsboro who may be coming into that area, as it is already a high-traffic thoroughfare. The project will involve milling, repairs and finally, resurfacing, which will take some time to complete, weather permitting. As with the other paving projects in Scottsboro, the wait will be well worth it.

The Mayor also explained the ordinance changes and new ordinances in more detail. After meeting with the Ordinance Committee, City Engineer Josh Little and building inspectors, and after addressing complaints or common problems encountered by residents and/or professionals, they were able to present a list to Council.

The Mayor explained there have been some complaints regarding the smoke pollution from people cleaning up their yards or clearing land. In instances of a resident actually clearing land, they will be required to use an air curtain to cut down on the pollution drifting to nearby businesses and residences.

There have been many complaints about the discharge of fireworks in city limits during all hours of the night. The new ordinance should cut down on this problem by prohibiting them between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

After hearing many requests from citizens wishing to establish micro-breweries, micro-distilleries and brew pubs, the Mayor has presented this new ordinance allowing for those to be possible in the City of Scottsboro. This will be a supplement to the existing ordinance already in place.

The Mayor also wished to remind everyone that Market on the Square is coming up on April 2nd, with over 90 vendors signed up. You can learn more about each activity coming up for Downtown Scottsboro, on their Facebook page.


by Martha Smith

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