Council honors SHS Boys Indoor Track team

At the Scottsboro City Council meeting held on Monday, February 28, 2022, the Scottsboro High School Boys Indoor Track Team was recognized for outstanding performances this past season, bringing home their ninth title this year since 2001. As this team has won a state title for cross country and indoor track, if they win outdoor track, they will be bringing home the triple crown. Among those recognized was Maddox Hamm, who now ranks number one in the nation.

“This young man,” stated Council President Pudge Bailey, “he broke records everywhere. Maddox is the new state champion, new state record holder by more than a foot, and he’s also number one in the nation for the pole vault.”

Rex Green was also recognized for winning first place in the state championship in 1600 meters.

Bailey stated, “Rex finished second place in 800 meters and ran a time that was faster than the old state record, at second place, even.”

Hamilton Richardson, Stephen Jones, Reese Bell and Rex Green were recognized for being 4×800 meter state champions.

Among others recognized were, Evan Hill/1600 meter third place who also ran faster than the old state record, second place in the 3200 meter, once again running faster than the old state record; Zach Avenel/3200 meter seventh place winner; Devon Walker/boys high jump state champion; Ridge Wells/400 meter seventh place winner, 4×400 meter relay team member for fourth place; Brody Williams/4×400 meter relay team member for fourth place; Cameron Estes/4×400 relay team member for fourth place .

“It seems like it wasn’t that long ago we were doing this last year for the same group,” state Bailey, “just different awards. Incredible.”
Congratulations to all of you on a job well done.

At the public hearing held in regards to rezoning some property located at 1290 Porter Road, three citizens were present in opposition of the rezoning request brought forth by Mr. Lamar Clark, who stated that although his plans are to put a Dollar General on the site, he currently does not have that deal worked out, so in the meantime, he would like the property rezoned from R1 to C4.
Local residents of adjacent properties to the site on Lasone Drive protested the rezoning, stating the site prep, involving a higher grade and an installed berm along the perimeter, has caused a buildup of rainwater that is no longer able to run off as efficiently as it did before, causing swampy yards that are not drying up, fungus and standing water. One resident stated she and her family are also not able to utilize their front or back yards any longer, nor will they be able to install any future buildings or fixtures if the wet persists. A resident stated that during heavy rains, the runoff along the berm is akin to a small river running down the side of his property, headed to the neighboring yards.

Clark rebutted, stating he provided the Mayor and Council with a topographical map executed by a certified civil engineer, and as with any construction, there will be inlets to pipe the water out to wherever it’s supposed to go. Clark also stated the water is going to the very same place it’s always been. He said he has obtained a $5,000 ADEM permit, acquiring the services of OMI, Inc., out of Huntsville, that investigates the site whenever there is a quarter of an inch of rain. Clark stated that ALDOT has also been out to the site and also confirmed with Mr. Moore of the Street Department that to date there have been no complaints lodged at the Street Department in regards to the water.

This item for rezoning will not be voted upon by Council until Monday, March 28, 2022, giving council members a month’s time to investigate the site and interview the residents and Mr. Clark individually.

Council also considered ordinances 629 and 630 for amendments to rezone two properties belonging to the same owner. Ten acres off of Highway 79 will be rezoned to allow for a storage facility for covered boat and RV storage, in addition to open storage. The second property was also approved to be rezoned from agricultural to C3, allowing the owner to use the land for personal use.

The voting delegates for the upcoming Alabama League of Municipalities convention were selected after a vote. Councilmember Gary Stewart nominated Mayor Jim McCamy as the voting delegate, Council President Pudge Bailey as the first alternate and Councilmember Nita Tolliver as the second alternate. Council approved the nominations by a unanimous vote.

The agreement between the Scottsboro Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in which they will split 19 new portable radios between them was approved by Council. The radios will be purchased by a $14,805 grant provided by a Justice Assistance Grant that was applied for by Chief Ron Latimer of SPD.

Council also approved the job description changes requested by the Vehicle Maintenance Department, allowing the mechanics to drive any said vehicle on their property, and in the instance driving it on a public road is necessary, they will be able to hire a licensed driver to drive from point A to point B.

The $985 budget amendment requested by Fire Chief Gene Necklaus for the replacement batteries for a weather siren was approved. These funds will come out of excess sales tax. Another budget amendment in the amount of up to $35,000 was approved to allow for an additional truck for a new employee at the Building Inspection Department. This truck will be purchased via

Council announced Cynthia Patridge to be appointed to the Library Board. J.D. Sandlin was also recommended by the Mayor to be appointed as permanent Airport Director. Council approved both.

The meeting then went into executive session. City Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated, “The purpose of the executive session will be to discuss the legal ramifications of any legal options for controversies not yet being litigated but imminently likely to be litigated, according to the statute.” No notes were taken. No decisions were made.

by Martha Smith

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