Fishing tip of the week

A day of fishing
by Mike Gerry

Over the many years of guiding on Lake Guntersville, I have found that people using guides really want to learn something about fishing besides catching fish and having fun.
It is my objective, every day, to accomplish as much of their needs as possible. With today’s busy lakes the fish are being caught several times over their lifetime. Due to this, you cannot always make the fish bite. But, you can teach someone the different ways to become a better angler. That is something I can accomplish, regardless of whether the fish bite or not. Being personable and making the day fun while working with customers on the ins and outs of becoming a good angler are objectives we strive to complete a fine day on the water.

I have prided myself in becoming a teacher and my consistent, repeat customers are always learning and getting better at their passion. That is something I know in my heart, and accomplish every day. Learning to be better, everyday, on the water has turned many of my customers into a winning tournament angler.

As a guide, during my time on the water, I have had the pleasure to watch many of them grow and become accomplished anglers. I have seen many of my customers go from not being able to cast well to being an accomplished fisherman while using several different baits and presentations, thus learning to create a bite. That, my friends, is extremely personally rewarding.

Many of my customers learn very quickly that bass fishing is different than most any other type of fishing mainly because bass do not feed constantly like many other species of fish. Therefore, you must develop your skills to get the bass to react and strike a bait and that not always easy. When you have the understanding to get bass to react, where they live, what their movements are, and why bass do what they do, your chances go up of catching fish.

A day on the water with me is a day of learning. Learning everything from patterns, to baits. Learning about rods, reels, bait colors, fish movement, the how and the why and, of course, catching fish and having fun.
No question goes unanswered. I have no secrets; I want you to be a successful angler!
Captain Mike

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