Remaining 10% of city budget adopted

by Martha Smith
The remaining 10% of the 2020-2021 budget was adopted at the last Scottsboro City Council meeting held on Monday, December 14, 2020. According to City Accountant Rick Wheeler, the city’s total 2021 budget was $22,783,826. While the council had previously adopted $20,505,443, it left the remaining 10% of $2,278,383, which was adopted on Wheeler’s recommendation.

The third invoice for the Heritage Center project was approved in the amount of $180,505. Jim Olyniec presented the invoice to Council and gave an update, stating that all was going well on the project, and it was approaching its halfway point in completion. With the current bond set aside for the project sitting at $366,604, once this invoice is paid, there will be a remaining project bond balance of $186,099 available.

Four bleachers are going into the Rec-Com at a cost of $8,000 to better allow for social distancing. While the facility is equipped with sufficient seating to meet its current needs, with new COVID guidelines in place, more seating became a necessity.

During reports, Mayor Jim McCamy offered an update on the street resurfacing for the city. The Street, Fire and Police Departments, along with WS&G and city bus drivers have all turned in suggestion lists of streets that need paving. With these lists now being reviewed by City Engineer Josh Little, they’ll next go to the Council Advisory Committee for review.

Council member Nita Tolliver also requested a state audit of the city’s finances. While there is a city-level audit taking place currently, Tolliver’s request was for an audit from the state auditors. Council President Richard Bailey stated this request would be placed on the council’s next work session.

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