Fishing tip of the week: – 06/17/20

A constant education
by Mike Gerry

As we move into the second half of the year, the one thing I realize is the education process of bass fishing never ends. Just when you think you have figured it out, and you’re catching fish and feel good about your successful days, something changes, and you must re-educate yourself. Evolving as a bass fisherman is a never-ending process, and past success means nothing more than experience going forward, but it does not guarantee success. Just when you think you have this sport figured out it humbles you, and the need to re-educate yourself becomes front and center. Stubbornness is your enemy, so be open and always willing to learn more about the changes bass fishing goes through.

There are always new ways to approach a day on the water; new baits, new techniques, new thoughts, and constant change are issues we need to confront, or you can fall behind very quickly out there on the water. Today we are blessed with the internet, and there is probably no subject that can’t be researched thoroughly online, so I suggest first thing to make sure that you understand all the possible ways to fish the new bait or technique you have chosen by going online. Have an arsenal of ways stored in your mind on what and how this new bait should be presented or how a new technique can be fished.

This will allow you to try different methods while fishing it. I also suggest you take and rig this new bait with good equipment, and if the bait can be fished many different ways, that you rig it several ways on different rods and bring them all set up with you to the water. This will allow you to quickly present the bait at different depths without the hassle of changing rods every time you try a new presentation.

Lastly, you should now dedicate your day to only fishing this new presentation – or bait. The only way to gain confidence is to fish it until you understand it, and when you do, you will start catching fish. New techniques expand your abilities, and learning a new presentation will just make you better. Learning gives you confidence, and that is key!

Captain Mike

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