Commission hears from Mayor Shelton

by Martha Smith

At the last work session held on Monday, March 2, 2020, the Jackson County Commission heard from Scottsboro City Mayor Robin Shelton concerning County Road 412 and the two fire boats for which City Council has begun the process of ordering. County Road 412 runs through the new cell being developed as part of the landfill at a length of an estimated 2,000 feet. The mayor stated there would be gates put up on either side of the property, closing off 412 during the night and opening them to traffic during daily business hours. This request is in accordance with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) in that the landfill must be a no trespassing zone after business hours, and the premises must be secured. For residents in the area who use 412, there will be ample notice, about six to nine months, before the gates go up, and the secure zone goes into effect. There will also be additional ways for traffic to go around the cell on other roads. The Commission moved this to the next work session.

Mayor Shelton also requested the Commission consider allowing the city to put a fire boat at County Park specifically dedicated to that one boat, with the other fire boat being stationed at Goose Pond. The mayor stated, “The Chief [Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Necklaus] is very committed to the vote, as am I, and the training and all that goes with it, equipping it. But the dock space – we have no control over, so that’s what I’m here for tonight.” Commissioner Jason Venable stated the Commission may be able to do something from Parks Revenue once the full revenue is received.

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