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Presentation is Everything in the Fall
by Mike Gerry

When you hit the water in the fall of the year one of the frustrating issues that we all deal with is the lack of big bites. The bass are extremely aggressive, but it seems like all you can do is hook up on little fish. There are of course many reasons why the small fish are always more aggressive and become easy catches for most of us during the fall time frame.
One issue to consider is the more aggressive you are with your bait the more little fish you will attract, if you slow it down and become precise and target big bites you will see a difference in the size of the bass you will attract. If there is wounded bait nearby they generally make a lot of movement making them ideal for aggressive little

Let’s take a top water bait that is large in size like a big shad and make your bait precise and snappy but slow enough for a bigger fish to become interested in it. Use a noisy large top water bait, snap it down and it will attract bigger bites. Little fish generally like
more movement where bigger fish like easier prey.

Walking baits are particularly good for bigger bites in the fall. Bigger fish seem to strike walking baits better than popping ones. Quick downward movements , five or six moves with long pauses in-between is much easier for the bigger fish to become interested in. You are putting the walking movement in front of them and then pausing it long enough to make the bigger fish
strike it. You see the short series of quick movements give the bass the impression that the prey is getting away and the long pause gives them time to react.

Lastly bass seem to become reactionary in cycles so change up your presentation when the action slows down, the concept of the slower movement for the bigger bite should remain intact. You can change how you accomplish it many different ways.
Be creative with your
presentation and you will find bigger fall bass.
Captain Mike

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