Commission passes resolution regarding fees

The Jackson County Commission passed a resolution regarding fees at an emergency meeting held on May 2nd. As of October 1, 2023, if you buy a tag in Jackson County, that fee will be going up $5 per tag. Business license fees per your gross receipts will also be going up an additional $5 to $200. Recording fees will increase an additional $10.

The funds from these proceeds will go toward roads, bridges, the Sheriff’s Department and the county’s general fund to support essential county services.

Among the list of options, the commissioners could choose from was an optional $1 transaction fee, but with less revenue projected from that option, and with the commissioners not wanting a constant fee for citizens for every transaction performed, the commissioners opted for a solution that would only occur once or twice a year for most of Jackson County.

The resolution, attached, is available for review. If you are a citizen of Jackson County, and you would like to discuss this further, contact the Jackson County Legislative Delegation office at 256.218.3090. For the next two weeks, this resolution will be advertised, allowing Legislative Delegation to receive input from citizens. This resolution will then be moved before the Alabama Legislature.

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