City employees recognized

The Scottsboro City Council held a work session on Monday, April 3, 2023.
During the proceedings, several city employees (pictured above) were recognized for their service. (not pictured: Rodney Evans | 20 years) Congratulations to all of you.

Public hearings for alcohol licenses for Lakeshore Watercraft Rental and 4-Way Stop were held. Council moved these items to the next meeting.

The Street Department presented a single axle dump truck. With approval, the truck should be in by November of this year. Council requested a bid be put out before proceeding any further.

The Street Department also requested permission to surplus some items: an old pickup truck, an old van that was used to transport inmates, an old trailer and three zero-turn mowers. Council moved this to the next meeting.

Fire Chief Gene Necklaus requested for two shower repairs because of leaking tiles and damage behind the tiles. Necklaus stated there is rotting in the wall behind the tiles from the leaks that have been occurring for quite some time. This was moved to the next meeting.

Citizens are reminded to recycle. Recycling is a great source of revenue for the city and contributes to better maintenance of the landfill itself. Free recycle bags and information are available at Scottsboro City Hall in the front lobby. Find out how you can contribute to this program.

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