Ordinance 646 approved by Council

The following were approved by the Scottsboro City Council at the last regular meeting held on Monday, February 13, 2023:
• Ordinance 646: Related to sleeping in parked vehicles, tents or makeshift camps on private lot of another or on public property. Council members voted unanimously via roll call vote. This ordinance came into effect to address the safety issues for public and private property owners who have someone taking shelter on their property. It also addresses the likelihood of the effects on property values as the homeless population in Scottsboro has grown to a surprising number.

If you would like to contribute to the non-profit organization addressing this crisis, Life Resource Services of Jackson County, please visit their Facebook page for more information. Their office is located at 304 South Andrews Street in Scottsboro, and their phone is 256.437.6606.

• Ordinance 647: Further amending Scottsboro’s municipal garbage disposal ordinance. This ordinance came into effect to directly state the rules and regulations for citizens of Scottsboro concerning garbage pickup. The ordinance has been revised to allow for clearer wording, addressing with distinction that anyone living within the city limits of Scottsboro must use Solid Waste. Other issues were addressed as well, such as stating clearly that a 100-foot tree cannot be left by the roadside with the expectations that the city will come pick it up. The usual rule of thumb has been that if the items left by the roadside can fit, in their entirety, in the back of the provided knuckle-boom truck, the city will pick it up. If it will not, or if it will require more than one truckload to clear all the debris, the property owner must consider alternative methods of disposal. If you would like to read any ordinance pertaining to the City of Scottsboro, those can be found at https://library.municode.com/al/scottsboro/codes/code_of_ordinances.

• The Castin N Catchin Tourism grant application for a requested $5,000. These funds came from the Tourism Grant Fund.

• The budget amendment for a diagnostic scan tool for the city’s Vehicle Maintenance Department in the amount of $6,408. These funds came out of excess sales tax.

• The budget amendment for mowers for the Cemetery Department. This was a total of $20,530.66 from excess sales tax.

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