Scottsboro Boys Museum presents at Council, adds requests

Dr. Thomas Reidy was present to speak to the Scottsboro City Council about the Scottsboro Boys Museum at the last work session and regular meeting held on Monday, January 23, 2023. Reidy presented a slide show highlighting the recent renovations of the facility and stated that since their grand reopening in September, the museum has seen over 400 visitors from all over the world. Reidy also had three requests of the city, the first of which was a donation from the City in the amount of $50,000. Second, Reidy requested the city to rename West Willow Street from North Houston to North Cedar Hill Drive as Scottsboro Boys Drive. The final request, Reidy asked if the city would consider adding a sign to direct traffic to the museum, much like the signs up now that direct traffic to the Heritage Center and/or the Depot. He also thanked Mayor Jim McCamy and Vulcan Materials for their donation of 100 tons of gravel to go toward the base for future paving of the museum’s parking lot.

Later, at the following regular meeting, Mayor McCamy stated he was approached by Alabama Representative Mike Kirkland, also of Vulcan, who was looking for any projects for public service. McCamy stated he recommended the Scottsboro Boys Museum, and Kirkland agreed to send the gravel for their parking lot.

Rudder Williams was also present to request permission to apply for a $50,000 10/90 grant to go toward further airport improvements. Rudder also requested $5,000 to cover their cost of the grant. At the following meeting, council members approved both requests, with the $5,000 coming out of excess sales tax.

At the previous work session, Eddie Carter of Precision, along with several other tow/wrecker companies, was present to request the approval for raising the rates for the entities on rotation for law enforcement. Whenever law enforcement is working a wreck or a breakdown, they make calls for a tow truck or wrecker service and go by a list wherein the pertinent companies are on a rotation. Each time they are called out, a fee is sent to the city. This is the rate/fee that is under question for increase. They also wished to officially add a $100 fee in addition to the regular fee that would cover the cost in the event they have to use a dolly. At the following meeting, council members approved the rate increases to coincide with Huntsville State Trooper rates.

Scottsboro Solid Waste Director Stacy Ledwell and the city’s legal council presented an amendment to Ordinance 280, related to garbage collection, to the council members. The city’s legal representation stated the ordinance now clearly states that any citizen residing within the city’s limits must use the Sanitation Department services. The amendment also breaks down specifics as to what will be picked up by the city and what won’t. For example, a 100 foot tree left by the road for pick up will not, in fact, be picked up. At the following meeting, Council approved this request.
The agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), presented by City Engineer Josh Little, for maintenance and construction of the extension of Highway 72 frontage road to go all the way to Byron Road was also approved at the following meeting.

Ordinance #644 was also approved, allowing the city to vacate the alley from Willow Street to Laurel Street. This move allows a setback large enough to allow a sharp turn into the drive-thru lane in a proposed plan for the construction of a new First Southern State Bank facility.

In 2022, a new E911 program was proposed for all first responders and law enforcement officers in Scottsboro and Jackson County. Scottsboro Police Chief Ron Latimer presented a budget amendment for $141,298 going to SPD to allow for a records management software contract and purchase proposal at a previous meeting. Latimer stated the new computer-aided system will change everything and will link up first responders, law enforcement officers, responding dispatchers and their respective departments and will entail training as well. He also said that $70,699 would be due this year and the other half would be due next year in 2024 with funds coming out of excess sales tax. The cost includes the purchase of the new system, implementation, training and data conversion. At the following meeting, Council approved the budget amendment for the Scottsboro Police Department for the records management software contract and a purchase proposal.
There are two vacancies on the Main Street Board. Anyone interested in applying for these positions should respond in writing to Katie Kirkland at or come by City Hall with your written request by 4:30 p.m. from now until February 26th of this year. Main Street is a great way to get involved in the community and promote local and small businesses in this area.

Another reminder to recycle. The city is doing its best to maintain the local landfill, and recycling is a great way for citizens to help out. Recycle bags are provided at City Hall in Scottsboro free of charge, as is any information you may have about the city’s recycling program.

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