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How to Choose a Fishing Guide
It’s never easy to make the right decision when comes to choosing any type of service from fishing guides to repair men. There are many aspects to consider but there are some key factors the make one service stand out over the other and I believe it can be an easy task with a brief conversation.
I am a stickler for honesty is the best policy and when you talk to someone and they are over selling their service, to me, this is a sign that the information you are hearing is overstated. No one is perfect, no company in the guide world catches tons of fish every day, every guide has some bad days, every guide has some good days, and every guide has some average days; that just reality.
No guide can guarantee your success, how could anyone expect that to be the case as bass fishing is different than any other type of fishing; it requires learned skills that come from bass fishing and if you have never bass fished it is difficult. If you are inexperienced and don’t have some of the skills it takes to present a bait it is a challenge.

Then you deal with the pure fact that bass do not feed like most fish of other species do, they react, so you must be able to get a fish to react and sometimes they just don’t react it’s a tough type of fishing. Different from most but that what makes it fun, working a bait, accepting the challenge of learning how to make a bass bite, choosing the right bait these are all part of the formula to having a successful day on the water. It’s also a sport that is never ending learning process as many things from weather, fishing pressure, bait choice color choice all affects the result, and you never stop learning as it changes sometimes daily.

Choose honesty, integrity, experience find a guide that cares about you that wants to see you have fun and be successful while you’re on the water. Speak to your concerns and see if it matches their concerns. Check out equipment make sure the guide has gear that will give you a chance to be successful or bring your own. Honesty not bragging is the best policy!

-Captain Mike Gerry

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