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Fall bass movement
by Mike Gerry

There are many beliefs about the movement of bass as we progress through the fall months, and there is no doubt that each lake has many unique differences. I believe that there are some common threads as to where and what the fish do as the water temperature falls from September to November. There is no doubt that as the fall progresses the bass feel the weather change and prepare for the coming of winter, they feed up, they move to the creeks, and they recover to the mouths of the creeks in just about every lake. Of course, each lake especially depending on its average depth makes for its uniqueness and causes one lake to change quicker than one other.

Shallower lakes the shallow water gets colder quicker and cause the bass the make faster moves than would happen in a deeper lake. It also has a lot to do with how long they stay in the shallow backs of the creeks. The main key to this is bait movement, the common thread to all lakes is the bass follow the bait and if the bait moves quickly out of the shallow water so will the bass. It is also true that each year can be different than the other, weather has
averaged each month, but averages don’t tell the story completely as each day can change and cool the water temperature or warm it and move the fish.

The best way to test this is to use your Lowrance Electronics to determine where the bait is; bait balls are easily seen on your electronics they stick out and if you’re not seeing bait either visually or on your electronics you are probably not finding the fish. It’s true that not all the bass make the same move at the same time so stragglers can be caught in areas that don’t test this theory. I would suggest just don’t spend a lot of time when you’re not getting bites or seeing bait, consider where the bass would move too and start testing those locations. Unless you’re following them every day, I suggest you start out and work your way in to the creeks and make smart moves based on patterns you have learned over time on your lake.

Captain Mike

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