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Best Bass Lakes in Alabama
by Mike Gerry

When you head south to the state of Alabama and get ready to choose a lake to fish you have many options. You can choose lakes by size, or by the type of bass you would like to target, or even by the structure type you might want to fish. All of this is an option when you head to the state of Alabama as it is blessed with many options from one end of the state to the other.
Many people read tournament results, and when they do of course, Guntersville gets great results from the many tournaments that cover the lake week after week. It’s a lake full of grass and structure that allows you to make many different types of choices when you hit the water.
Pick-wick is another great option in Alabama. It is however different than Guntersville, not nearly as much grass, and very narrow compared to other lakes in the state. Pick-wick has more current on a continual basis because of how narrow most the lake is.

Guntersville is full of deep back creeks that allow you to target flats, but Pick-wick is mainly covered up with channel edges and pockets rather than deep creeks.
You can also target lakes in Alabama like Logan Martin which are full of tough, aggressive Kentucky Spots that compete for baits most of the time. Logan Martin has miles of stumps, rocks and boat houses all up and down the river, giving you lots of options to fish many different types of presentations. It’s also a lake that the winter draw down exposes the structure allowing you to target and mark year around structure.

You can head southwest in Alabama to Lake Eufaula that was once the most sought-after location for bass fishing in the state; it is full of wood structure and rock besides grass and has some of the best fishing in the state of Alabama. It is known for big largemouth and massive tournament stringers as one of the best lakes in the state.

Pick your lake head to the great state of Alabama for some of the best bass fishing in the state; call me and I will help you find your bass fishing and make your dreams come true!
Captain Mike

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