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Fall Spinner Bait Time
As we move further into fall fishing, we will make a drastic change in presentation; we will move from slow moving baits to power fishing with speed and reaction! Nothing works better and is more fun than moving a spinner bait over the grass that is eroding away from the change in weather. The flash and vibration of a spinner bait can make it a deadly fall presentation.

The grass will very quickly now become hidden under the water line and bass will be looking up for food; when this happens, I like rolling a small profile spinner bait over the grass. I like to make erratic moves with my wrist to attract reaction bites while fishing spinner baits. If you roll the bait just on top of the grass yet under the water, your wrist can function as a change of pace movement just by turning your wrist upward and flexing it back and forth as you retrieve your bait. The result of the wrist movement will cause the Spinner Bait to stop, drop, flutter, and catch fish from your speed changes.

I have for many years fished a dual willow leaf spinner bait in the fall as it gives you more flash and flutters down better than a combination of Colorado blades or one of each; you can also rip it out of the grass easier and cause more reaction with dual willow leaf blades.

Colorado blades add more vibration but to me flash attracts more bites during the fall than any of the other combinations of blades. We have less rain in the fall making the water clearer and flash causing more reaction because of it.

As the bass move shallow for the fall feeding frenzy, and the grass continues to erode, you will find yourself fishing stump fields in the open bays and creeks. Another advantage of dual willow blades is they bounce off wood much easier than Colorado blades do, you can also rip the blade over stumps and drop them from one side to another around the stumps. This is not only a great presentation, but it is a great fall pattern for finding massive fish! Spinner Baits and fall fishing can change your fall fishing patterns and make you a better angler.

-Captain Mike Gerry

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