30 Minutes with Mayor McCamy

According to Scottsboro City Mayor Jim McCamy, resurfacing projects are gearing up to begin in Scottsboro. The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has already posted signage (that is currently covered) on Broad Street from Scott Street down to Goose Pond. This project is expected to begin sometime this month.

The County Park Road/Highway 72 project will also begin soon.
“County Park and 72, they should be putting up those signs this month to start within the next month or so,” stated the Mayor. “They’ll do the frontage roads on both sides first, and then they’ll move to the intersection itself.”

Speaking of frontage roads, the city recently completed some repairs on one of the frontage roads. The mayor stated that City Engineer Josh Little contacted the Publix parking lot pavers, Wiregrass, and had them repair the severe dips in the frontage road last week. After the Street Department dug them out and re-did the underlying foundations, Wiregrass came and finished the repair and paving. As of the morning of this interview, the frontage road was open to traffic.

Another frontage road, the one that will run in front of the new Publix development, will also be undergoing repairs. For construction, several cuts had to be made into the road. The mayor stated once those cuts are repaired, the road will be opened to traffic once again.

As far as Publix goes, everything is still on schedule.
“I spoke to them yesterday, and they’re still planning on an October 19th opening,” the mayor stated. “We’ll be working on the ribbon cutting for Publix some time next month, and it is already in process.” The Mayor continued, “I am really excited about this. It looks so good if you drive by there at night. They’ve got the signs lit for Publix and TJ Maxx, and it looks great. The car wash is also coming along very well.”

Construction on Scottsboro’s new pickleball complex will also be taking place this month. The Mayor stated he was recently at the proposed site for the complex and is excited for its groundbreaking. At the time of this article, a ribbon cutting for the new pickleball complex was scheduled for September 20th.

The tennis courts at the recreation complex are also slated to be resurfaced in the coming months.

“Our Recreation Director Donnie Woods is working on the bid price for resurfacing the tennis courts,” stated McCamy. “Once we get the bid locked down, then if they can plug it in this fall, they will. If not, it may be next spring. It’ll be good to have that done, and then we’ll have the pickleball complex coming, so we won’t have to be playing pickleball on tennis courts.”
It’s been almost three years since the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce has been able to hold their annual Washington Fly-In, but this year it is scheduled to take place on September 27, 28th and 29th.

“I think there’s 20+ of us going, and we’ll be meeting with our congressional and senate members as well as a couple other meetings,” stated the Mayor. “It’s a good trip. It’s beneficial, and it makes a difference to be able to sit down face-to-face with our house and our senate members to talk about some issues along with their staff. It makes it personal. We work with their staffs pretty regularly anyway, but it’s not like coming to their office and sitting down and discussing certain issues and needs.”

Scottsboro is also preparing for its seventh annual BBQ Festival that will take place on Saturday, October 8th. This year, all four corners of the square will be blocked off as the beer garden will go around the entire square. Blocking off the corners keeps traffic out indefinitely and allows volunteers to ensure no one leaves the square with an alcoholic beverage in their hand. The festival is much larger than it was last year, with many more vendors signed up to attend.

“It keeps growing and growing, and that’s a good thing,” stated the Mayor. “It should be a good event if the weather holds.”
Cross your fingers, Scottsboro!

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