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It’s Time for a Popping Lure
As we turn more toward the top water bite that happens every summer and fall no presentation goes further back in history than the infamous popping lure like the Pop-r. There are more than 30 versions of this popping lure, as manufacturers from all phases of the fishing world have made some version of this lure. The attraction is very clear, it catches fish! It makes an attractive noise and resembles wounded bait fish!

The popping lure is the musical rendition of an on the water piano, with all making a unique sound, a unique cadence and capable of creating an explosion over the top of structure. The uniqueness is amazing as every manufacturer popping lure makes a different sound, and every popping lure size affects the sound. Name your cadence, pop, pop, pop pause, or pop, pause, pop it even gulps, pops, and pauses, you get the picture; make your popping count, make it different or walk it like a dog and you will catch fish, the key is to establish a rhythm. This will help you find a cadence that creates a bite; once you do you’re having fun as bass of all sizes attack your lure with a vengeance.

One of the biggest advantages of fishing a popping bait is that anyone any age and with little to no experience can fish on a popping bait. The bait can be thrown on a push button reel, a spinning real or a bait casting reel; it’s light and easy to fish and can be fished by the most inexperienced of fisherman. You just have to create a rhythm of your choice, have the patience to be consistent and catch fish. The hooks are sharp on all versions of today’s popping baits; it only takes a slight pause when a bass strikes it and your catching fish and having the time of your life. Change the speed, the pause and you will change the presentation; it catches fish period.

My favorite popping bait is very simple, all of them as I can catch fish on any style or color; it can be bright, shiny, or dull and plain I don’t believe it matters as it is not about the visual that catches fish it’s all about the noise!

-Captain Mike Gerry

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