Simply Yaya: Apple Butter Swirled Pancakes

Breakfast is my jam….
How does that Dolly song go? “When the morning sun, streaks across my room, and I’m waking up from another dream of you?” The things this girls dreams are made of? Breakfast: that glorious meal that can be enjoyed and savored any time of the day. I mean, if you think about it breakfast is amazing. You wouldn’t eat pot roast and mashed potatoes in the morning, but you would chow down on some biscuits and gravy for supper.

In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus – and French toast with a side of crispy bacon and eggs. Dust it with powdered sugar and make it look pretty, and I’ll love you for life. We really do eat with our eyes first, and breakfast is just, well, pretty. Ever seen an ugly pancake? I haven’t. I’m not sure it’s possible. The Lord gave us breakfast to start our day off right.

Psalm 5:3, “In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.

Hear me, Lord. I will thank you for my eggs. I will thank you for my gravy. I will cry tears of joy over a homemade biscuit with Golden Eagle syrup and butter on top. “Look at the rise on those biscuits,” I’ll say – but I won’t eat no flimsy bacon.

I truly don’t understand y’all flimsy-bacon-folks, and my husband is one of them. (I can’t believe I admitted that aloud.) The first time he asked me to leave his bacon on the flimsy side, I debated whether this marriage thing had been a good move. Who was this person, and seeing as how I feel there is only crispy bacon in Heaven, was this going to keep him out? He just don’t know, Lord. Forgive him.

If I go on vacation, better believe I am checking out all the breakfast and brunch spots within a 30-mile radius of where I’m going. I’ve been disappointed in many things in my life, but breakfast will never be one of them. A coworker and I had to travel out of town once for a class. The hotel had an oatmeal bar; it was better than any steak or fancy dinner I’ve ever had. I’m going back someday just for the oatmeal.

I have a cousin who yells out, “Who likes bagels?” if our family discussions ever get spirited or heated. And while we all laugh, and it’s a great ice-breaker, I really do like bagels. Considering the troubles in our world today, I’m not totally convinced world peace couldn’t be achieved over a pan of homemade biscuits. Who knows? It’s worth a shot at this point.

I’m sure you’re all expecting a spectacular recipe at this point. Just trust me on this one. Sometimes simple is best.

Apple Butter Swirled Pancakes
Here is what you do. Put your favorite apple butter in a squeeze jar. Add a tiny bit of water to thin it out. Mix up your favorite pancake batter and pour your pancake into a skillet. When it begins to set on one side, squeeze the apple butter on the pancake in a circular motion. Flip pancake over and cook til done. And if you’re feeling fancy, dust the finished pancakes with powdered sugar.

-Kim Rice-Holman

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