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Fall Movement is Upon Us
by Mike Gerry

As we move further into the fall and early winter bite movement of the bass become more predictable than ever. Bass become predictable and are very much creatures of habit and understanding their patterns and locations carry over from one year to the next. Location becomes key and fishing where the fish are, is much easier than not. Location and patterns from past years are now replicated!
As the cooler water temperatures start to infiltrate the deeper levels of water, the suspending bass and lethargic actions start to change drastically and location, bass movement and strategy becomes repetitious from the past. The first thing that changes is the cooler water temperatures push more dissolved oxygen down the water table, waking up the lethargic bass. The more the water temperatures cool the more active the bass become as the dissolved oxygen level becomes more prevalent. Common locations like flats, gradual drops proximity to deep water all become part of the fall movement.

It is also fact that the amount of sunlight really affects aggressive fish like bass, their predator nature gets poked, and they become more aggressive as we continue to lose hours of daylight. You will notice the biggest change from mid-November through mid-December as we are losing daylight extremely fast during this four-week period and the water temperature is dropping the fastest of anytime of year creating this aggressive movement. The good news is the best of the jig bite occurs during this period as I believe that all you need to do is lighten that jig and let it drop slowly on some of these gradual drops next to flats and you will catch some monster bass. Your target areas now become common to us all as fishing main channel points, creek points add the shell bottom or pea gravel, and you will be in the target zone.

his is also an exciting time to fish SPRO rock crawler crank bait, this hard diving crank bait bouncing off hard bottom areas becomes great transition bait. Bouncing off hard bottom shell beds becomes a typical fall pattern, for any water depth shallow or a little deeper.

Pick your area, pick your bait from your history for this time of year and you will be a successful fall angler.
Captain Mike

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