Council commends local agencies in rescue efforts

by Martha Smith The Scottsboro City Council held a work session and regular meeting on January 27, 2020. Regarding the Jackson County Park Marina fire, council members expressed their grief over the devastating loss of life and commended all 25+ agencies that came to Scottsboro’s aid, including the Scottsboro Police Department, Fire Department, Jackson County Rescue Squad, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and Jackson County EMA. They also gave mention to local eateries, businesses and citizens who have stepped up to aid in whatever way they could, giving testament to the special people who reside in Scottsboro and the surrounding areas. City Accountant Rick Wheeler presented Council with a proposal to include procurement policies and procedures. Wheeler stated that auditors have pointed out the city needs a specific procurement policy regarding purchasing, and when it’s a written policy and understood as such, everyone would know how to proceed with purchasing. Council moved this to the next work session for further discussion and consideration. Scottsboro Police Chief Ralph Dawe requested permission to hire a second part-time jailer. Dawe stated on average there are about 20 persons in the jail at one time, and many times there are fights or disagreements with only one jailer to defuse situation. With the additional part-time jailer, there would be two on duty to work together should any unfortunate circumstances arise, and Council approved and passed this request. The Street Department has requested a utility vehicle to use for litter maintenance. The current one in use is 10+ years old, and is no longer dependable for the job. Three quotes for a replacement were received with Boykin coming in as the lowest at $14,025. Council approved this request on the condition that when the old one is sold, the profit be returned to excess sales tax. Scottsboro City Mayor Robin Shelton requested Council consider setting aside a sum of money in anticipation of two auctions coming up on GovDeals. One is scheduled for March 17 – 21 and the other for April 30 – May 1. The Street Department is needing a new mini trackhoe, and the landfill is needing a loader to carry chips to the cells. This was moved to the next work session on February 3rd. The city received two applicants for the Zoning Adjustment Board vacancy. Alan Tolar and Tim Saint were considered by Council, with Tolar being nominated and appointed to fill the vacancy. Council also approved the surplus of an old golf cart and air compressor at the Scottsboro Airport with the profits going back into the airport’s capital outlay account.

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