Commission approves project in Section, ARPA funds for COA

The Jackson County Commission held a regular meeting followed by a work session on Monday, June 27, 2022. During the meeting, the commissioners voted and approved several items on the agenda as follows:
• A motion to approve the six month extension of temporary employee for the Revenue Commission’s Mapping and Appraisal. When the temporary employee was first taken on, he was given six months clearance as far as the payroll. As his work needs to continue in Mapping and Appraisal, another six months was added to allow for seamless work and payment for his time.
• Motion to approve the litigation and insolvents in the year 2021 for Revenue Commission. The commissioners were given a list(s) detailing what can be taxed and what will not be. In the state of Alabama, when a business owner is insolvent in business tax and they leave the premises, they cannot apply for another business license until they pay what they owe.
• Motion to approve closing Bancorp South bank account and transfer the funds contained therein to the county’s First Southern State Bank account. As the account in question is considered dormant and had not been used for some time, the funds will be transferred to the other account at FSSB, where they will be utilized more efficiently.
• Motion to approve Public Works installation of PVC pipe liner for Main Street project in Section. When a business owner did some structural work, a problem with the main line was discovered. According to County Engineer Jonathan Campbell, upon inspection it was found the main problem was with the county’s line, running under an intersection. The project, running an estimated $30,690, should improve the flow of water to better suit the building’s needs and will cut down on future problems of this nature.
• Motion to approve Homeland Security grant for EMA. The Jackson County EMA is currently filling out paperwork to apply for grants and available grant funding. Highlands Medical Center is also in this process, applying through EMA and the Commission as is required to receive the needed funds. Highlands also signed all required documents, stating they would be responsible for any matching needed, if attached to a specific grant.
• Motion to approve Hiring Committee’s recommendations for two substitute driver positions for rural public transportation at the Council on Aging (COA) and the committee’s recommendation for Jackson County Parks and Recreation Director position. The COA will now have a back-up driver in the event that the main driver is not able to perform their duties.
• Motion to approve and sign the annual rural public transportation contract with ALDOT. This contract is per the usual contract the Commission approves each year, with the only difference being that the operations budget is now back to its original 50/50 instead of receiving more funding. The extra funding was set in place during the height of the COVID pandemic to assist with operating costs.
• Motion to approve American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds utilization plan for COA as presented. The COA is set to receive extra equipment, additions, electronics, appliances, etc. as outlined previously for the Commission. The ARPA funds will be awarded through TARCOG to the COA.
• Motion to nominate a Commission member to serve on Legislative Committee with the Association of County Commissioners of Alabama (ACCA). Commissioner Danny Rich has just completed his year on the committee. The commissioners nominated Commissioner Kevin McBride to serve the next year on this committee.
• Motion to approve and appoint two members to the E-911 board and one to the Economic Development Administration Board. For the E-911 Board, the applicants were Ryan Putman, Joshua Whitcomb, Eddie Tigue, Bill Knight and Brandon Phillips. Mr. Ryan Putman and Mr. Bill Knight were nominated and appointed. For the EDA Board, the applicants were Jim Green, Rick Wheeler, Gary Edwins and Michael Counts. Mr. Jim Green was nominated and appointed. Both of these terms are set to expire in 2026.
At the following work session, EMA Director Paul Smith gave an update about the proposed storm shelter for the Skyline School campus. According to Smith, he has yet to hear back from FEMA concerning scaling back the estimated $100,000 survey of the entire Skyline Heritage Farms property and is now in talks with Skyline School Principal Drew McNutt to see if there is an alternative site for the shelter to be placed on the campus that will not involve the Skyline Heritage Farms property.

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