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The Swim Bait Craze
In all my years of fishing there has been very few baits that continue to survive the test of time; most baits have a life span and quit producing. Swim baits are starting to show me that they are immune to the time test as they have been producing for me for many years now with very few hiccups in their production; they are falling into the life cycle of the plastic worm that has never quit catching fish in all the years I have been fishing. The amazing thing about swim baits is, it seems that no matter what manufacturer you choose to fish with or the presentation you present it with, they catch fish. Sure, we all have out preferences, but that is from success with the bait, and you could switch styles and still catch fish.

The action of swim baits combined with the natural movement of the bait as compared to live bait is so good that swim baits are hard to pass up when bass see them in the water. They move so naturally, and you can do so much with them as far as how you present it to make it immolate real bait fish. It is also quite easy to make swim baits look like a wounded natural bait fish that bass cannot resist it. Your ability to stop it, drop it move it quickly and even fish it in deep, shallow, or grassy water makes this bait very versatile and allows you to catch fish regardless of the pattern, or time of year. Yes, I have had a few down times but as soon as I change my presentation with it, in other words how I present it the bait comes back to life!

I have also found that many times a slight color change or weight change brings your swim bait back to catching fish. Subtleties matter when it comes to fishing swim baits and minor changes in how you present it can make a substantial difference, be open to all and any thoughts you might have in presenting it and the bait will continue to produce. Be creative with technique and you will never be disappointed in fishing a swim bait!

-Captain Mike Gerry

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