Council appoints two board positions

The Scottsboro City Council appointed two to the Goose Pond Board and the Electric Power Board at the last regular meeting held on Monday, May 23, 2022. Mark Peppers, being the only applicant, was nominated to the Goose Pond Board and approved to be appointed unanimously. Jim Boatner, Jim Green and Shane Light were nominated, with the votes coming out to favor Jim Green who was appointed to the Electric Power Board.

The Council then reviewed their options for a dozer repair/purchase or lease for the Street Department.

“The repair would be up to $45,000 to include the freight,” stated Council President Pudge Bailey. “Purchase would be $339,279, and the lease would be in the amount of $4,835.46 per month.”

Council members voted to approve a repair for the time being with Councilmember Nita Tolliver opposing the repair and favoring the lease option.

“This dozer is a 1986. Personally, I feel we should lease. I think it’s had its years, and I think we need to think of something else,” stated Tolliver.

The commitment of $125,000 with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the Mink Creek boat launch/area was also approved. The ADCNR will be putting $500,000 into expanding the boat launch, adding more parking and widening the road to the parking lot.

Considering the HVAC unit at the Scottsboro Public Library that has been out of commission, the Council voted to approve a motion to replace the unit rather than repair it. The budget amendment for the $5,000 pressure washer for the Vehicle Maintenance Department was also approved, and that amount will come out of excess sales tax. Another budget amendment in the amount of $3,117.96 for the Dr. Wayne “Doc” Patterson Memorial Highway was also approved. A bid of $45,321.25 for a truck for the Scottsboro Fire Department was approved, as well. These funds will come out of the fire tax.


by Martha Smith

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