Liberty Lane building has new roof, Skyline School to place new shelter

At the Jackson County Commission regular meeting held on Monday, May 9, 2022, the motion to approve the criteria for Jackson County Economic Development Fund criteria was approved; however, the commissioners amended the original statement. The criteria will state the funds will be available, and can be applied for during a non-election year, every two years, excepting special circumstances or instances with an immediate need for the funds. The other amendment states instead of the approval of each case or application relying on the full Commission’s approval, there will instead be a roll-call vote, and approval of an application to receive funds will rely fully on a majority vote. These criteria will take place starting in 2023.

The item to approve and sign the contract for KC’s BBQ’s floor repairs was also approved. As of the time of the meeting, the estimated costs for the floor repair were going to be around $5,213 and will not exceed $6,000. From the date of the award, there are 60 days to complete the project, contracted out to Kimberly Ann’s Flooring, who are hoping there will not be a huge delivery delay for supplies and order fulfillment to complete the project. It’s been supposed the restaurant will only have to stay closed for two days.

Jackson County Chuck Phillips requested a few weeks ago that the Commission approve a classification change to courthouse security to establish a Sergeant position at Grade-9. The commissioners approved.

In the following work session, the commissioners discussed the courthouse communications and IT network update. According to Ross Boydston, in order to use ARPA funds, there will have to be at least three quotes to choose from. So far, a $210,000 quote has come in, with Boydston waiting on the remaining two. As for this project, the 2014 phone system, that was actually built in 2008, will be replaced. The courthouse has been plagued with telecommunications and internet problems for years now, and the system is so outdated, it is no longer compatible with current updates. This update will also flow seamlessly with any additions, such as the Liberty Lane building.

“Ross did a lot of work to find the problem,” stated Chairman Bill Nance. “He tested everything in the courthouse and tracked down the problem that has now been found.”

The roof on the Liberty Lane building is finally finished, and the bill should have been received by the Commission recently. The final cost will be a little higher than previously estimated as more of the decking had to be replaced than realized. The gutterage around the building was repaired as best as possible while awaiting two bids to come back in for replacement gutters. When they come in, this item will be placed on the agenda for the Commission to begin the process for new gutters and better drainage.

EMA Director Paul Smith presented a dilemma to the commissioners concerning the placement of a new storm shelter at Skyline School. Since the school’s property has recently been placed on the historic register, that makes it tricky to decide where to put the shelter since its proposed placement now sits inside historic boundaries. An archaeologist can be hired to inspect the site and ensure there is nothing of significance being damaged or destroyed by the current proposed placement of the shelter. The location, behind the new gymnasium on the campus, is the most ideal as it allows for a shelter for high school students on their side of the campus, while the elementary side already has their shelters in place for quite some time now.

by Martha Smith

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