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How to Take Advantage of Reel Speed
Today’s fishing equipment has moved light years ahead from where it use to be, not only has the braking systems and equipment improved but the ability to purchase a reel that has speeds up to 10:1:1 speed is front and center. To put it in perspective, reel speed is all about how quickly you can retrieve your bait during your presentation. If a reel boasts an 8:3:1 speed it means that for every one turn of the handle the spool turns 8.3 times allowing the reel to pick up more line than a slower rated reel like a 6:3:1 reel. Many times, this speed improvement is vital to getting the most out of the bait you are fishing. Many of today’s baits are designed to perform at high speeds and without the proper reel you will miss the designer’s best effort of the bait.

This time of year, as we move into the post spawn many of the fish are the most active, they will be for the remainder of the year. They have healed up from the spawn, they are feeding, and chasing and this a big part of their pattern for a few weeks until the water warms into the 80’s. Needless to say having, the correct reel speed will be very important during this period if you wish to get the most out of the theory behind the bait you are using. Part of this requires you to study just a bit to understand the how the bait designer intended for the bait you are fishing was designed. If the bait was designed for a fast retrieve and you are not using it as such you may be under-performing the bait as it was intended. You may never know if the bait will perform to its best until you use the bait with a high-speed reel.

I have spent many years on the water and keeping up with the technology is especially important; many of today’s accomplished anglers are in their position because of the technology they are using. That includes many things from electronics to line improvements, improvements in rods and reels and bait enhancements. One thing I can assure you if you want to be the best keep up with the improvements!

-Mike Gerry

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