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Bed Fishing
There are several keys to bed fishing, but none as important as the speed at which you move your baits!
It is simply different when the bass move to the beds and if you are going to be successful one important aspect is to slow down; that old fishing saying, “when you think you’re going slow, go slower.”

There is no doubt that the speed at which you move your bait allows you to be a successful bed angler. If you do not give the bass time to be enticed or aggravated by you bait, they will just not react to it; bass generally do not feed while bedding they protect and react and if you move too quickly, they pay no attention to your bait. Therefore, many of the most successful bedding baits are soft plastics because they can sit in the bedding area allowing you to shake, pull and taunt fish in a slow easy presentation. Therefore, not all plastics catch fish in beds because the shape of plastics allows some to be more effective during the spawn.

It is also true that shapes of plastics cause fish to react differently and many times on a daily basis depending on the structure around the beds. I find that heavy wooded spawning areas that worms like Missile Quiver worms works better than a thicker more cumbersome creature bait look yet the opposite is true in grassy areas where Missile D-Bombs creature baits produce better. I believe it has everything to do with its look and its movement in wood vs. grass.

There are certainly many types of plastic bait looks and we all have our favorites, giving one bait the nod over the other. I do not believe that everyone is successful with the same look as we all have our preferences and the way in which we all present our bait can be different making each of us unique.

The key is finding the plastic that works best for you, my preferences may not be yours; my preferences may work for me because of the way I move a bait. My technique can be quite different than yours; what I consider slow movement may be different than you. Point being find what works for you and stick with it!
Captain Mike

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