New ordinances, changes presented at Council

Scottsboro’s 10ug and 12ub Rec Plus State Tournament basketball teams were recognized at the last Scottsboro City Council meeting that took place on Monday, March 21, 2022. Haley Allen, Cora Breland, Lily Cisco, Adriana Colon, Dru Hardman, Annie Holland, Elle Holland, Alianna Jones, Lori Jones, Amber Shelton, Julia Worrell and Elizabeth Worrell were recognized with their coaches, Jonathan Breland, Chasta Breland and Dr. Alex Holland. For 12ub, Jacob Fanning, Kilby Gentry, Colton Harding, Kaden Hass, Xzavier Hutchins-Simpson, Jordon Lankford, Jack Linville, Ryder Linville, Bronsyn Sanders, Brayden Talley and Conner Vaden were recognized with their coaches, Jeremy Harding and Robert Fanning. Congratulations to all of you.

Ordinance changes were presented to Council by City Engineer Josh Little. Among the changes, any newly platted lake subdivisions will have the rear setback controlled by TVA and not the zoning requirements. Privacy fencing was also changed, with the ordinance stating, the finished side of the fence shall face the abutting property. This is after neighbors complaining they are staring at the ugly side of a fence after it was installed by their neighbor. The zoning enforcement officer also requested the word nuisance be reworded and clarified for purposes of issuing fines or standing up in court.

Mayor Jim McCamy also presented some new ordinances. One of which will regulate all off-premise outdoor advertising signs, billboards and other matters. Within a circle of land, a one-mile radius from the northwest corner of the square in Scottsboro, and an area of 250 feet from the center right of way of Broad Street from Maples Avenue to Scott Street, all outdoor advertising billboards will be prohibited. Next, an ordinance supplementing Scottsboro’s alcohol ordinance to allow pubs and microbreweries. Previously, there was nothing in the ordinance to establish said activities.

“We felt it would be a good thing to go ahead and get this in place because we have had inquiries about some of these,” stated the Mayor.

An ordinance regulating open burning within the city of Scottsboro’s city limits was also presented. According to Chief Necklaus, he feels the ordinance is a good benefit for some of the development Scottsboro has seen and will continue to see in terms of major land clearing. The ordinance still gives individuals flexibility to clean up their yard or have a cookout.

Finally, the Mayor presented an ordinance further regulating the sale and use of fireworks within the city limits. The ordinance establishes a timeframe that prohibits the discharge of fireworks between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Necklaus requested the wording be changed so as not to affect shows at Goose Pond or the stadium or anything that is permitted through the state process with the Fire Marshal, in which the police chief and the fire chief are notified prior to the occasion. These were moved to the next meeting, where they will await Council’s approval.

Two requests for vacating two right of ways were discussed by Council. The first involved some property sold between Broad Street and Bob Jones Road. According to Little, in the process of surveying the property, a deed was found. One of the property owners, Blake Smith, who intends to operate a business on the property, was attending the meeting. Smith stated he has already gone before the Planning Commission to get approval to open said business.

City Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated, “This is a situation where some property owners back in the 1960’s conveyed the right of way to the county. This property was not in the city limits at the time. The county never accepted the right of way, and it’s been showing up on maps as a public right of way with questionable ownership since that time.”

According to Kennamer, as it has been done many times in the past, the City will vacate the property, split it right down the middle, leaving one half of it to one property owner and the other half to the other property owner. Kennamer also advised the owner to next visit the Commission and ask them to vacate as well. This was moved to the next meeting.

The second right of way involved a piece of property on Sumner Drive. According to the owner, Brandon Huston, there are two properties adjacent to each other on Sumner, with a small access road belonging to the city separating these two properties. In the past, the access road was intended to be an extension for expanding the Lakeshore subdivision. Huston’s property, some 24 acres, sits behind these two properties, and the only access to his land is through this city-owned strip of land.

“The only access we have to our land is that right of way. It’s basically part of my driveway,” Huston stated. He also said he feels the City should vacate the drive to him since he will be the one paving it and maintaining it.

Kennamer and Council President Pudge Bailey advised against this, stating if the city vacated the small strip of land, it would be as before, and split right down the middle and distributed to the property owners adjacent to it. This would leave Huston land-locked with no access to his property, where he is currently building a house. Bailey further advised Huston to see if he can speak to the property owners on either side of the strip and see if they would sell it to him, and if they were willing to, the city could then vacate the property to the owners, who could then sell it to Huston, thereby solving his problem.

Mr. Jim Olyniec was present to discuss installing lighting along the walking trail at Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County. According to Olyniec the entire back side of the trail, from the tennis courts, the VFW post home and all the way to the Veterans Baseball Complex, is not lit on the back side of the trail near the woods. The total cost would come in at $32,000, with the power board overseeing the installation of the light poles. Olyniec stated the lighting would complement the lighting already installed at VMPJC. This was moved to the next meeting.

Council discussed an application for a grant that would provide expansion of the current parking area, additional asphalt, sidewalk and increase Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility at the Scottsboro Airport. If approved, Council will give permission for the grant application process to proceed. The grant is $250,000 with a 5% match, bringing the city’s portion to $12,500. This was moved to the next meeting.

The City may be going in with the state to improve the Mink Creek boat dock. Five years ago when first proposed, the total for all improvements came in at $500,000. After inflation, it is now up to $750,000, with the city’s commitment coming in at $125,000. These funds will allow for more parking, the road will be widened and the ramp improved. This was also moved to the next meeting.
The monitors proposed for the Goose Pond Civic Center were also discussed. The total for two additional monitors to be installed midways on each side of the room comes in at $2,840. The Jackson County Sports Hall of Fame has offered to cover all costs, but Council may approve going in with half since the monitors will be in use for all types of functions, most not involving the Hall of Fame. This was moved to next week’s meeting.

Council also discussed the new Airport Director’s salary. The Mayor recommended $51,000 per year, with Council moving this to the next meeting.


by Martha Smith

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