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Problem winds
by Mike Gerry

Most anglers lose their confidence on the water more when its windy than any condition that you face all year long.
The heartburn that it causes the average angler can run most weekenders off the water. I know, as a guide, most customers get very frustrated in the windy conditions and rightly so. The crucial point is what you can do to become a productive fisherman when these types of conditions exist!
The key to fishing when this occurs is to remember that bass stack up together in the wind and this can work to your advantage on the water because one bite can lead to several more bites in the same area.

Production and results to catching fish in the wind is two-fold; the first is that you must be prepared to fish with search baits most of the day and nothing is better at this than spinner baits. Next, is using drag techniques when you must slow down your presentation. Most anglers do not realize that dragging a worm or jig is just a deadly technique. I know dragging is boring but the results when its windy can be the game changer it takes to be productive. There are many times as a guide where I have inexperienced angler in the boat that is handicapped and the deadliest technique, for them, is dragging their bait on the bottom; this applies to the wind as well. You must just develop a good sense of feel as your dragging the bottom and it can really save you on a tough windy day. There is also another advantage of dragging baits in the wind, you can let the wind push you and save wearing out your trolling motor batteries.

A lot of the pros like dragging a tube on the bottom when they must slowdown in the wind, a tube is a good presentation for tournament size fish. Carolina rig baited with floating baits are also great as they float up and become great dragging baits.
Lastly, if you are going to be successful in the wind you must develop a positive, confident presence while fishing in the wind; the wind must be your friend and you must embrace the techniques it takes to fish in windy conditions.
Captain Mike

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