Ms. Anna Mae Cornelison: 100 years in the making

A lot can happen in 100 years. When I was a kid, 100 was a huge number, and I felt an immense sense of satisfaction the first time I ever counted to 100 all by myself. I cannot imagine the satisfaction in looking over the years of my life, acknowledging all I have done and contributed to this earth, and all I carry within me, knowing it was 100 years well spent.
If you’ve ever sat and marveled at old copies of newsprint, or ran your hands along an antique table, wondering at the many meals served there, wondered at the lives lived in old, tattered, black and white photographs, then you probably have a deep appreciation for life and everything that has gone into it from creation, up to this point in history.

In 1922, Warren G. Harding was President of the United States, and in Alabama, W.W. Haralson was going up against C.C. Appleton for Circuit Judge, the lowest temperature was 19 degrees, and Anna Mae Cornelison was born in the Bellefonte area on Sunday, January 29th. She never strayed far from her roots, always living in the Hollywood area.

It is a rare and splendid occasion to sit with someone who can tell stories about life within those photographs that seem so far away, and Anna Mae is one of those treasures.

According to Anna Mae’s daughter, Jean, extended family and close friends recently celebrated her 100th birthday with her. She has been a member of the Hollywood Baptist Church for 74 years, and the church showered her with roses and gifts as part of the celebration.

If you’d like to be like Anna, and you’d like to be around for a little while longer, she credits her longevity to, “always having a strong work ethic, cooking special occasion dinners for her family and church members, and her faith and trust in God.”

Jean stated that Anna Mae can be seen driving her 1992 Oldsmobile (pictured) to church on Sunday or taking back streets to the local grocery stores.
Happy birthday and congratulations on becoming a centenarian, Anna Mae. You’re amazing, and we wish you all the best.

by Martha Smith

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