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Longer days ahead
by Mike Gerry

In the winter it is always nice to see the days start to get longer, the change from the winter solstice to increasing daylight always helps the fishing.
At least in the south, we start seeing, this time of year, the sun influencing how the bass feed, where they go, and how they react to the change to warmer longer days. Sure, we always have some cold nasty weather through January and February, but the change puts the bass in motion for the spawn.

We see more feeding, more roaming in and out of the spawning grounds, and the activity level for the bass to feed up for the spawn lengthens every day. Meaning that bass feed just a small number of hours a day before the days start to lengthen and as we grow into spring their feeding grows and lengthens with each day.

One of the benefits I see every year, currently, is the bite moves up into the mid part of the day as the bass react to the sunlight more this time of year in a positive way than any other time of year. The sunlight helps the bite, which is a lot different than most other times of the year, as the sun in the warm water part of the year drives them to hide instead of feed.

Now, it is a benefit to fish from ten a.m. till three p.m. as the activity is at its best and the bigger fish are roaming for food longer than any other time of year. A unique benefit is the nasty, cold, partly snowy type days really turn the fish on; I know this can be a tough test on your body but if you find a nasty day where you think one would have to be crazy to go fishing is generally when you catch record type fish. These are the type of days the brave hearted seem to excel and I can tell you from experience that over my many years on the water these nasty, cold, snowy days after the winter solstice is where I have had my best days.

Get ready the best of 2022 is near; see you on the water!
Captain Mike

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