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Adjustment for fall fishing
by Mike Gerry

As we transition into the fall of the year, what has been a hot summer and consistent pattern will more than likely change; the nights will cool, the bass will move, and your bait selection could change drastically. All this will require you to adjust, and your understanding of the changes and the patterns of what the bass are supposed to do will be front and center. If you don’t understand the changes coming, you will struggle getting bites. Putting in the time now to understand the changes ahead will make it easier because the key is in the detail.
I worked with a customer this week that is really learning as conditions change. One suggestion I gave him was to study fall patterns. When we hit those fall temperature changes, he will be prepared for the different pattern changes. Read up on what bass are doing when it gets cooler, while we have more wind and what are they preparing for as we hit the extreme differences of fall fishing. The more you are aware of what they are supposed to do the easier it will be to adjust while you’re on the water. Knowledge can be everything, lack of knowledge can be devastating to success. It’s also imperative to understand the changes in bait selection as we progress into fall. Bait selection plays a huge role in your success, knowing where to go is key but using the correct bait to entice the bass during this period is also a very important piece of the puzzle in front of you.

Chase baits, reaction baits, and being in the right place is always a big part of fishing but in the fall, it is even more important as the bass move considerably shallower. Fishing an offshore lake, like Guntersville, will tempt your patience if you don’t adjust. I believe it’s never too late to learn, and having the will to spend some of your valuable time improving and sharpening up on patterns, baits and visual keys will just make you better.
There are many YouTube videos on fall fishing, and many articles throughout the internet, a little research will go a long way and pay you back in bunches!
Captain Mike

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