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Wind and fishing
by Mike Gerry

If there is a number-one enemy of the weekend fishermen, it has got to be the wind! The wind can make a day on the lake just awful, or you can learn the benefits and use them to your advantage!
There is no disputing that in most lakes current is the key to catching fish. Having said that, the wind also acts as a current and affects the fish in similar fashion as if the TVA is pulling water. When that occurs, the wind can be your best friend if you learn to use it!

An important fact is that current helps fishing for a couple of reasons. First, it moves the food around that bait fish eat which is the small particles of zooplankton. The wind does the same thing, it moves the food chain off the banks and as the baitfish move to feed on the zooplankton the bass position themselves to feed on the bait. So, the wind creates movement and the bass feed during the current or wind as it positions the bait for the bass to feed on!

There are also some other effects of the wind that benefit fishermen. On a windy day we are generally on the front end of a high-pressure system, so it is usually sunny when this occurs. The wind acts as cover for bass as the ripples or waves deflect the sun and the bass feed more when they do not have to deal with the bright sun. The wind also helps create oxygen in the water and if you’re in a lake with a defined thermocline the wind can move suspending fish around and turn them on to feed just by creating oxygen in the water.

Lastly, boat position can help you catch fish in the wind. Most of the time the bass will face into the wind so they can see bait and feed based on movement toward them. This is a very simple solution for you face the wind with your boat, especially out in open areas, and you will probably catch more fish. Let the wind be your friend and you will catch more bass and be less frustrated on windy days. Also, cast with the wind to your back, this will help your cast and your bait will get deeper more easily.
Captain Mike

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