Three Arts Club to host Art Sunday

Scottsboro’s Three Arts Club recently celebrated their 70th anniversary. Several years ago the club created the Scottsboro Education Foundation, that provides financial support for areas of art that the school system cannot afford. The board is comprised of volunteers from the community who work tirelessly throughout the year to support the arts within the schools and the community.

Three Arts also hosts Art Sunday. Art Sunday is usually held every early fall in King Caldwell Park, showcasing arts, crafts, vintage collections and hosting a photography contest. Last year, because of the pandemic, Art Sunday was canceled, but this year, it’s on the schedule and is projected to be a raging success.

The proceeds from this event and any donations go toward Three Arts sponsoring many community projects and educational endeavors, including: violin lessons for third graders; field trips to plays, ballets and symphonies; a college scholarship for a graduating senior; donations to the choral, art and drama departments; the IMPACT Learning Center; the Scottsboro Library.

If you are interested in being a vendor for this event, they are looking for you. Anyone who would like to participate as an art/craft/ vintage/food vendor you can find the applications on their website at Also check out their Facebook page, Three Arts Club.

Three Arts will also be having a photography contest. For more information on the photography contest, please see the flyer below.

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