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Boat houses and summer
by Mike Gerry

As it is every year, summer is full of sunny days with lots of heat and the bass need a place to hide. One place the bass move to hide from the sun is under boat houses!
The thing about fishing boat house is confidence, most fishermen on Guntersville run by boat houses every day because it is not where their confidence lies. The key to boat house fishing is twofold; first find the boat houses with the correct depth for summertime fishing and, next, be able to pick a boat house apart by targeting corners, edges, and up under into the shade. You can find fish around and under boat houses in the summer as the movement from the deep, to the shallow fishing moves fish to main channel Island points, and boat houses, as the oxygen depletes from the lake.

Boat houses are natural stops as the bass migrate to the shallow water to feed up, escape the bright sun, and look for more oxygen. If the boat house has a depth range of three to seven feet the bass will move to them as they move shallow. One key is the age of the wood on the boat house. The older, the better, as the older wood holds food and produces a more natural habitat. Bass are also creatures of habit and if a boat house has been in place for a long time there is a good chance the bass have migrated there in past years and will return annually.

Boat houses have many natural keys to look for like; a creek running into them or natural bait hovering about. Picking the boat house apart is not as easy as you might think, you really must be able to place your bait at every angle possible, and that requires precise placement of your bait at every angle created by the boat house in the water. Work from the sea wall out to the end of the dock as bass can be sitting in shade next to the sea wall or just under a dock pylon a couple feet out from the shore line. Fish the boat house slow and make sure your bait gets to the bottom and you will be successful.
Boat houses always have fish under them in the summer!
Captain Mike

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