New Voter Roll Maintenance Process Will Save State Almost One Million Dollars Every Four Years

Thursday, May 27, 2021 – MONTGOMERY – Alabama Act 2021-534 was passed during the 2021 Legislative Session, revising the procedures used by the Secretary of State and boards of registrars to update the statewide voter registration database based on information supplied by the United States Postal Service.

Beginning in February of 2025, following each Presidential Election, the Secretary of State and boards of registrars will use the change-of-address information supplied by the United States Postal Service to identify registered voters whose addresses may have changed. In addition, voters must also be cross-checked by at least one other voter registration database to ensure the accuracy of the information.

“The cross-checking of data will verify a voter’s residence, ensuring that our voter rolls are accurate, up-to-date, and complete. We want all registered voters in this state to be able to freely participate in our elections, and this legislation protects that opportunity for voters who may have moved,” stated Secretary of State John H. Merrill. “Our county boards of registrars work exceptionally hard to see that regular, routine maintenance is completed so that voters who have passed away, been put away, or have moved away have been removed from the rolls.”

Voters who are identified as having potentially moved from their previous residence will be sent information detailing the update process.

If the voter does not update his or her voter registration record or vote during the following two general elections for federal office, the voter’s name will be removed from the list of eligible voters.

“By using a more concise and accurate method to execute voter roll maintenance, this legislation will save the state almost a million dollars every four years through saving on printing and postage,” continued Merrill. “Thanks to Representative Rod Scott (D-Fairfield) and Senator Tom Butler (R-Madison) who worked in a bipartisan manner to save state resources and more effectively identify voters who may have moved.”

In addition, Act 2021-534 provides additional financial assistance to counties through increasing the reimbursement rate for publication costs.

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