Council approves secondary audit

At the Scottsboro City Council meeting held on Monday, May 10, 2021, council members voted on a request put forth by fellow council member, Nita Tolliver, in regards to the city performing a secondary financial audit.Each year, the city undergoes a general audit that lasts several weeks.

In November of last year, Tolliver announced her request for Council to consider an additional audit to be performed by an outside firm, stating that when any new council members or new officials take office, such as the mayor, an audit should be performed to give a clear view of what the new candidates are entering into.

Tolliver was instructed to find the firm of her choice and to also provide the projected cost of the audit and exactly what the audit would entail.

At the regular meeting, Council voted to approve a budget amendment to finance the additional audit and approved MDA professional Group, P.C. to perform the audit. The cost will begin at $4,000, and if the auditors find cause to investigate further, the cost will be capped and will not exceed $8,000.

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