Fishing tip of the week

Always get better
by Mike Gerry

As a bass fisherman the chances that you can use and be confident with every lure and presentation on the market is slim.
I suggest, as a resolute fisherman, that you take a bait that you have never used, or been successful with, and make that bait your new favorite bait. There is only one way to do this; head to the water do not bring anything but the new bait you have chosen and go fish that bait. However, there are some steps that you need to take to be successful before you head to the water.

Today we are blessed with the internet and there is probably no subject that cannot be researched thoroughly on the internet; so, I suggest that the first thing you research is to make sure you understand all the possible ways to fish the new bait you have chosen by going online.

Have an arsenal of ways stored in your mind on what, and how, this new bait should be presented. This will allow you to try different methods while fishing it. I also suggest you take and rig this new bait with good equipment and if the bait can be fished many ways that you rig it several ways on different rods and bring them all set up with you to the water. This will allow you to quickly present the bait at different depths without the hassle of changing baits on the same rod every time you try a new presentation.

It is also important that you match the proper equipment to the presentation; for example, if you choose a crank bait as your new bait then you would need a cranking rod and a slower speed reel, it’s also a fact that line size affects the crank bait movement so have different reels rigged with different sized line. In this case maybe three set-ups with cranking rods and reels for the different depths of crank baits.

Lastly, you should now dedicate your day to fishing only this new presentation. The only way to gain confidence is to fish it until you understand it, and when you do, you will start catching fish.
New techniques expand your abilities and learning a new presentation will just make you a better fisherman!
Captain Mike

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