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March madness on Guntersville
by Mike Gerry

No month of the year offers as much of a variety of ways to catch fish on Guntersville as does the month of March. As we dip into the month of March there is no presentation that will fail as the bass are hungry, they are feeding up for the spawn and what you use for a technique is not as important as it would be other months of the year.
What you choose to fish with is relatively easy, if you have a bait in the water, you have a chance of catching fish. The bass are migrating in for the spawn, you can straight-line your map, find the drops, curves, grass lines or creeks and the bass will stack up like clock-work year after year.

When migration occurs, you have many options from which to choose. First of those is the square bill crank bait that bumps and snaps off shell beds. It bangs off wood and snaps out of grass like being ripped from the bottom. This bait causes reactions and competition among bass; you can catch them in bunches as they stack up near the creeks or pick-up fish roaming, looking for meals, along grass lines.
Rattle baits are noisy and attract bites. Jigs are crawfish look-a-likes and catch fish. Swim baits are bait fish replicas and become great feeding baits.

The bass are now moving to the secondary creeks ahead of the spawning coves; it just takes a stump or curve or point on the bottom and you can load the boat. The secondary creeks are found by looking for the red line creeks beds noted on your GPS maps; you can also note them by the contour breaks on your map. You see deeper water inside the coves that attach somewhere near the main river ledges.

It is obvious on your map; you just must follow it into the shallow water and creeks.
Lastly, use angles to find fish especially when you can see them stacked up on your Lowrance Structure Scan! As you’re working the secondary creek, if you see a stump or shell bed covered in fish, change presentation angles to get a bite it can mean all the difference in the world allowing you to load the boat.
Angles make a difference use them to your advantage!

Captain Mike

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