Commission distributes Lucas CPR machines to volunteer fire departments

The Jackson County Commission recently used funding it received from the CARES Act to purchase 12 Lucas Chest Compression Machines.
The machines can be strapped to a patient to provide continuous, life-saving chest compressions until the patient reaches the hospital. Ten machines were distributed to Volunteer Fire Departments in unincorporated areas of Jackson County including Macedonia, Rosalie, Flat Rock, Bryant, Higdon, Paint Rock Valley Stations 1, 2 and 3, Limerick/Aspel and Fackler. One machine will be housed at the Jackson County Jail, and one is being kept at the Courthouse as a back-up machine.

Commissioner Danny Rich stated, “The Lucas Machines will save lives. Parts of Jackson County are 30 minutes or more from the hospital. We wanted the Lucas Machines to be housed all throughout our county to give all of your people the best chance to survive when needing CPR. We found out that the Alabama Cares Act 100% reimbursed the cost of the units. The hospital bought them for the ambulances, and adjoining counties also are following up with CPR machines for their areas.”

Among those pictured are Commissioner AJ Buckner, Commissioner Danny Rich, Commissioner Kevin McBride, Interim Commission Chairman Jason Venable and Senator Steve Livingston.

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