30 Minutes with Mayor McCamy

Mayor Jim McCamy stated he would like to thank Senator Steve Livingston for coordinating a visit and meeting with Kenneth Boswell, the Director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA). Director Boswell visited several places not just in the city, but the county as well. One project that was largely supported through ADECA is the boat ramp expansion at Goose Pond. Scottsboro has also been approved for a grant that will help remove a number of blighted structures in the city. This funding comes from the state, and includes decrepit, uninhabitable or blighted structures that will be demolished and cleared. That contract has been signed and work should begin in the next few weeks.

ADECA has been a significant partner with the city and has provided guidance and support to help Scottsboro qualify for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) such as rehab, upgrades, and improvements to our sewer and water systems. These improvements will allow for a more efficient system as well as a system that will support future growth in the city.

Recently, the Scottsboro City Council approved funding for a property appraisal and geological assessment of a site adjacent to existing airport property. This could be a significant addition to the current airport footprint. While the process to acquire the property and establish the infrastructure needed is lengthy, it is still a key economic development point for both the city and county. McCamy stated the city will help support the airport in any way they can.

The Scottsboro City Council also recently approved a downtown hotel feasibility study, with results showing the downtown could benefit and accommodate a 40-60 room facility. McCamy will be meeting with the project developers this week.

The city continues to move forward with their street resurfacing plan. The list of streets has been developed and is being reviewed by the Water Sewer and Gas Board. Streets will then be prioritized and bid upon.

COVID continues to be a tremendous concern. Masking is required of city employees, and it is strongly encouraged for everyone. The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has established a phased program for vaccinations. First responders are in Phase 1a, and many have received the initial vaccination. I strongly encourage everyone to receive the COVID vaccine as soon as they are able. The Mayor also urges citizens to mask up, separate when possible and sanitize as much as possible. Please see accompanying article from Governor Kay Ivey.

As far as the numbers for Scottsboro, the number of cases for city employees has decreased from the amount we had in the past couple of months, but the numbers within the community have continued to rise. The expectation is for another COVID spike from the holiday gatherings within the next week to 10 days.


by Martha Smith

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