Have you signed up for TAP yet?

What is TAP?
Aging at Home Support of Jackson County has set up the Telephone Assurance Program, (for Jackson County seniors 60 and up), and it is designed to provide security, alleviate loneliness, reduce isolation, avoid victimization and prevent premature entry into nursing homes. Feelings of loneliness can have health consequences among the elderly. This problem is prevalent among America’s senior population and can have detrimental effects on mental, emotional and physical health. As a community, we can let them know we care.

Volunteers will be screened with a background check to ensure safety for the clients. They will also be prohibited from any direct in-person contact. Although emotional bonds will develop, the volunteer will refer services to the client rather than try to do them. This is for the safety of the client as well as the volunteer.

Want to know more about volunteering for TAP?
Even if you can’t get out or are homebound yourself, this is still a perfect opportunity because you can still make a difference, and it only takes a 15 minute phone call. As a TAP volunteer, the option of one or multiple calls to make is up to you, and you’d be assigned a number(s) to call each day. Volunteers are given the option to see if a client is a good fit for them, based on the call schedule and mutual interests. Each call would give the gift of human contact and interaction for both parties, and would help to ensure needs are being met and safety is being upheld for the vulnerable. Imagine if this call were the only conversation you’d have all day.

Want to know how to be a recipient of TAP?
Aging at Home Support need you to let them know if you would like a daily call, or if you know of someone who would. As a client, you can set the time of day that is best for you as well as determining how often you would like to receive your call from a TAP volunteer.

Clients or family members will sign the client, indicating times and dates to be contacted. The call schedule, once established will be followed. In the event there is no answer during a scheduled call, they will provide a protocol for what to do, such as notifying a family member or calling for a welfare check.

Whether as a volunteer or a recipient, sign up for TAP by calling Aging at Home Support at 256.259.3736. You can also email them at casaofjacksoncounty@gmail.com. To find out other ways you can participate and contribute with Aging at Home Support, stop by their office at 250 South Broad Street in Scottsboro on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
It is TAP’s mission to assist their neighbors and family in remaining safely in their own homes for as long as possible. Please help them get this essential program up and running for our seniors. Get your church involved, speak to senior members of your family or simple acquaintances. Remember, a simple TAP on the shoulder can make all the difference. Reach out and make one.

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