30 Minutes with Mayor McCamy

The first 30 days Scottsboro City Mayor Jim McCamy has been in office have been very busy.
“It’s been incredible. It’s an honor to serve as Mayor of Scottsboro. I’m blessed to be here with such a good staff at City Hall and all the other departments. They’re good employees and dedicated, and they have made the learning curve much easier for me because they are capable and supportive and have pointed me in the right direction.”

McCamy began his term with several initiatives in mind. The first of those was street resurfacing for the city. According to the mayor, all the different department heads have made lists of streets they know need attention, and those should be turned in this week. The next step is to review the lists together, consolidate them and end up with one solid list. Next, this list will be taken to the City Council Transportation Advisory Committee for review for input.

Some projects, like the one for King Street, have been held up by an issue involving the need for Century Tel’s prompt and appropriate response to resolve. Once these issues have been addressed, the mayor stated the next step would be to prioritize the streets based on their need and funding. With a one to five year plan for street resurfacing waiting to be put into motion, it’s crucial they complete the steps so the projects can be put out to bid, and the city can be placed on the schedule. McCamy hopes to be able to begin the projects at the first of the year.

Another initiative important to the mayor is making Scottsboro more business-friendly. Scottsboro City Engineer Josh Little has provided suggestions relative to the zoning ordinance currently in effect. These suggestions come in the hopes that when reviewed by the Zoning Board and the Council Zoning Advisory Committee, more practical, reasonable and feasible zoning ordinances better-suited for Scottsboro will be put into effect that will actually encourage new business and residences to the city.

Economic development is also at the top of the list. McCamy has been working closely with the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce, the Industrial Development Board and the Economic Development Authority to bring in more business prospects.

Mayor’s note:
“I’m grateful to The Clarion Newspaper for this opportunity to ensure transparency and to be informative to Scottsboro’s citizens. I also want to mention the public support from the city for last weekend. It was a very difficult weekend for Scottsboro, and the public support for the Beaird family and the Scottsboro Fire Department was incredible. I would like to ask each of you to keep the Beaird family in your prayers with the Scottsboro Fire Department. That was a very difficult way to end the first month, but public response has been incredible.”


by: Martha Smith

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