Feasibility study for hotel downtown approved

At the last Scottsboro City Council meeting held on Monday, October 5, 2020, the council voted to approve the funds for a hotel feasibility study for downtown Scottsboro. The total amount for the study is an estimated $9,500, half of which will come out of excess sales tax to cover the initial study. If the company finds a hotel downtown is just not feasible, the process will be over; however, if the company finds a hotel would be a benefit and could sustain itself, the city will then provide the remaining half ($4,750, also from excess sales tax) for the projection models, statistics and planning reports. The proposal was presented by Scottsboro City’s Events and Marketing Coordinator, Katie Kirkland. As Kirkland also represents Downtown Scottsboro and Trade Days, council members also congratulated her team on a job well done this past Trade Days downtown.
The second Heritage Center payment was also approved, coming in at $22,434.39. The addition to the Center is well underway, and when completed, will provide a space to showcase historical artifacts to their merit while also providing a welcoming, accessible space for the community to hold events.
The public hearing for Dollar General Store #20941 to hold an alcohol license was tabled due to Dollar General Corporation’s no-show. Council President Patrick Stewart stated that in the event of any public hearing, all parties must be present, or Council will not vote on the matter at hand.

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