Fishing tip of the week: – 09/02/20

Fall Baits
by Mike Gerry

When the fall bite is on, finding fish is the key to the great activity and success that we are having during the fall time of year. The key is finding the bass as they are generally stacked together in the fall, and when you find them the fun has just begun! There are certainly many different baits that are successful in finding fall bass, but what I like can be a little different than most.

First and foremost, I believe that search baits are not always created equal, and if you are looking for simply bites, it is different than searching for big bites. Especially in the fall! My keys are, big fish – big search baits. Or, small fish – smaller search baits. I also strongly feel that searching for fish in the fall is different than in the summer or even the spring. The difference is that in the fall, one of your best search baits is searching via top water, where we hardly ever search for bass on top any other times of year with the intensity we do in the fall. One of the main keys is your eyes. Seeing is believing in the fall.

One of the most versatile baits ever made is the Zara Spook and in the fall it allows you to search on top and use different sized search baits to find fish with. If you are looking for tournament size fish you can search with their full size spook or if your just fishing for bites you can down size your spook and go smaller very easily while using the same presentation and same action.

I also like searching with swim baits in the fall as it allows you to follow the same sizing philosophy. Use big swim baits to find bigger fish, and down-size to find just bites. It is also a great presentation to search different depths as swim baits are easily counted down to different depths to find fish that will react while suspending.
Search baits are a big part of fall fishing, there are different ways and baits to search with that can make your fishing day very successful. You certainly do not need to always use baits that everyone else uses, especially in the fall.
Captain Mike

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