Scottsboro Municipal Election results certified

Scottsboro held its municipal election on August 25, 2020. The results were as follows: Mayor: Jim McCamy-1742 / Robin Shelton-1533; City Council Place 1: Ralph Dawe-1637 / Greg Mashburn-1607; City Council Place 2: Dale Langella-241 / Patrick Stewart-1541 / Nita Tolliver-1482; Scottsboro Board of Education Place 4: Patrick Woosley(unopposed); Scottsboro Board of Education Place 5: Julie Gentry-1625 / Dr. Gary Speers-1626.

There were 10 provisional ballots cast at the polls and one provisional absentee ballot. A provisional ballot is a fail-safe mechanism used to record a vote still in the process of determining whether or not the vote is valid or eligible. After the vote in question is cast, it is placed into a provisional envelope, while the other votes go into the ballot box. The Board of Registrars will determine if any of those provisional ballots are counted. The ballots will then be opened, counted and certified at the Scottsboro City Council meeting on Monday, August 31 at 6 p.m.

The only outcome that could be changed by the provisional ballots is the Scottsboro Board of Education race between Julie Gentry and Dr. Gary Speers, with the current results coming in only one vote apart. Should that race end in a tie, those candidates will appear in the run-off election which will be held Tuesday, October 6th. The municipal run-off election will feature the race for City Council Place 2 between Patrick Stewart and Nita Tolliver.

In order to qualify for a run-off, the office in question must have at least three candidates running. In counting the votes, a candidate must have at least 50% plus one vote in order to qualify as the winner of the election. In the instance they do not meet these qualifications, a run-off is held between the two candidates with the two highest numbers of votes. Voters will once again cast their votes between the two, with the winning number being final.

UPDATE from Monday’s council meeting:

Eleven provisional ballots from Scottsboro’s Municpal Election held last week have been reviewed by the Board of Registrars and were opened at tonight’s City Council meeting. The Board determined 7 provisional ballots could not be counted. There were 4 provisional ballots counted and added to the final election totals as follows:
Jim McCamy 1743 / Robin Shelton 1535

City Council Place 1:
Ralph Dawe 1638 / Greg Mashburn 1610

City Board of Education Place 5:
Julie Gentry 1627 / Gary Speers 1628

The City Council has certified these results, and certificates of election will be presented at the next council meeting.
There will be a runoff election held Tuesday, October 6 between Patrick Stewart and Nita Tolliver for City Council Place 2.


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