Cumberland Health and Rehab Opens Family Connection Center

Residents and Families Reconnect During COVID Pandemic
The team at Cumberland Health & Rehab has been thinking outside the box to find ways to keep residents and their families connected. Ironically their outside the box thinking led to the development of a box-like structure that allows residents to visit with their loved ones on the front porch of the facility. “Once we got the idea designed out, our talented maintenance team went to work building the structure for the area we now call our Family Connection Center”, said Donna Adams, Administrator of Cumberland Health & Rehab. “Not only did the maintenance team develop the structure, they also fashioned an inviting walkway and seating area for families to make the environment feel as much like home as possible.”

While families and friends have been able to have room window visits and Facetime sessions with the residents, the outdoor environment adds something extra and makes for a happy time together. “Every time I witness a family visitation in the new center, I see lots of smiles and hear lots of laughs from both sides of the structure. It makes our entire staff happy to be able to provide this opportunity during a time when helping families stay connected has been so challenging”, said Adams.

Even though the new Family Connection Center is outside and no physical contact is made between residents and visitors, there are still rules for how it can be used. Visits must be scheduled in advance, and a staff member remains on the porch with the residents while another staff member stays near the visiting family members outside of the structure to supervise from a distance. Everyone must wear a mask and gloves, and visitors are required to have temperature checks prior to the visit.

The structure is made of 4’ x 8’ plexi-glass sheets that have been framed into three sections, attached and strategically placed at the end of the porch as to not allow for any physical contact between residents and those on the outside. Speakers on each side of the structure help those on both sides to better hear the conversation. The area on both sides has been decorated with seasonal flowers, patio furniture, lanterns and lawn decorations. A small pond with a fountain beside the porch also adds to the home-like atmosphere of the center. “The team at Cumberland Health & Rehab is very pleased to be able to provide the opportunity for our residents and families to stay connected in a new way during this pandemic,” said Adams.

To schedule a Family Connection Center visit with a loved one at Cumberland Health & Rehab, call Phillip Smith at 256-437-7221.

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